About Us

Ramble Kids Co are delighted to bring our chic sensory soft play equipment right to you for just about any children's party, occasion,venue, and unique space. Our service delivers to all London boroughs and beyond. We have over 100 of the very best designed sensory soft play pieces to choose from, offering hours of entertainment to make any event exceptional. Whether you’re interested in a single-day rental for a children's party, a short/long-term lease, or even purchasing our modules. Our team provides white glove assembly, breakdown, and thorough hypoallergenic, non-toxic sterilisation of our soft sensory play equipment on the day of your event.


We cater for babies (once crawling), toddlers and children up to 5 years and can tailor our modules to best match the children’s ages and developmental levels. At Ramble Kids Co we have 20 years' experience in early childhood education and can support your event/service to meet individual requirements. We are members of the NDNA and our ethos is centred around bringing children joy as they learn through play with Ramble Kids Co. sensory soft play.

Ball Pit Hire

Our ball pits are extremely popular both indoor and outdoor and serve as a fantastic
experience for all children including SEN and babies. They come in a number of colourways including white ball pits, grey and white, blue and white, rainbow and neutral ball pits.
Our ball pit packages include a choice of 
flooring and fencing colours to make the most fun
and chicest soft play space.

Soft Play Hire In London

At Ramble Kids Co we are the best in London and work with the industry’s most talented partners to deliver awesome and inspiring events. We provide custom packages, indoor, outdoor and bespoke soft play stations to meet our client’s preferences. We pride ourselves on the quality and design of our soft play and our fantastic white glove service helping to
create some of the most gorgeous parties. We have been part of the amazing events in fabulous venues creating the most special memories.
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Our Packages

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Corporate Soft Play Installations

Here are just some of the types of events and children's parties where you may find us or want to have us– We provide corporate custom packages, and bespoke soft play stations to meet our client’s preferences. See our Instagram page.

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Ball Pit Hire

Our luxury ball pits are available in a selection of shapes, sizes and chic colours including white ball pits, blue and white, rainbow colours and neutral ball pits and pastel ball pit ball colourways. They are great both indoors and outdoors and create fantastic stand-alone installation or with our
sensory soft play packages. Prices for ball pits are from
£300 includes a selection of flooring and fencing. Also a choice of ball pit ball colours.


Event Packages

Our packages cater for all children from babies crawling, to approx. 5yr olds. We have set out these packages but generally work with our clients on their space and preferences to
deliver a fantastic sensory soft play experience. Please make an enquiry by phone or email and we will email example images of packages and see our Instagram page.

What is Sensory Soft Play?

Our sensory soft play equipment is for all children and hugely beneficial for children with special/development needs. It includes luxury padded ball pits, pillows, blocks, stools, cushions, bridges, wedges and tunnels helping to increase motor skills, encourage creativity and exploration.

There are many benefits of sensory soft play for children, ranging from improving their physical abilities to the way that they communicate with others. In summary:

Motor Skills

Stimulates the sense of balance and our awareness of their body and their surroundings.



With all the amazing colours and obstacles, children can build, climb and imagine.



A secure environment that will help them break out of their shells and and have lots of fun.


Social Skills

Children often love to hang out on soft cushions and interact with one another. For some, social skills develop naturally, and for others, a motivator or safe place is needed. Soft furniture can provide a hangout for such interaction and development.

See our blog for extensive information on sensory soft play as recommended by Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 2017.

Our Modules

Our soft play designs are designed by us using the best materials and to the very highest standards and quality. We have over 100 styles including padded ball pools, pillows, blocks, stools, climb and slide, sensory climb and slide, bridges, wedges and tunnels helping to increase motor skills, encourage creativity and exploration.

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Large Soft Play Modules

These include sensory climb and slide, balance and climb modules, slide and sensory.

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Medium Soft Play Modules

Include roller tunnels, balance beams, rainbow bridges, step and slide.

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Small Soft Play Modules

Include, cubes, circles, shapes, tubes, small cloud climb, ride on animals.